Sunday, July 08, 2007

Stonemaps GPS

I was wondering if anyone out there in blog space had downloaded maps from stonemaps. I have been reviewing the software from afar. I couldn't find anything out there about this company and it's software except from their own reports.

They offer detail maps for GPS units on places like Walt Disney World, High profile ski resorts, and other places.


okay! I took the plunge and purchased the $20 "Orlando Pass Hopper" from them. Everything seems on the up and up so far. I have went through their webpage and purchased the software. I was able to complete the transaction and immediately download the software. At the executing of the setup file, it was easily loaded and presented an option for viewing the users manual.

I quickly went to get the Garmin GPS unit and hook it up. In the first few pages, it showed how to transfer the maps and points of interest to my unit. I did those things and everything seemed to go fine.

I disconnected the unit and found no waypoints. My heart sunk. No problem. A few pages further told how the program doesn't use up your waypoint file. It uses four different areas (maybe adds one or two).

Attractions: Amusement park entrances and ticket booths.
Geographic: Amusement park rides.
Services: Restrooms.
Entertainment: Character Greetings.

I flipped through all these screens and was fairly impressed with what was coming up. I even flipped over to the map page. There I backed out the view, scrolled down to Orlando and zoomed in over Walt Disney World. There to my amazement were detailed maps of the pathways and areas in each park.

I really think this is going to be well worth the $20. The biggest selling point to me was that they claimed twice as many restrooms as the park maps themselves. That should be a blessing walking around with a 6 year old. You know - they don't tell you that they need to go until they NEED TO GO.

If any readers find this blog that have used this software, please drop a comment and let me know how your experience was. If you have any good tricks on using a GPS around Disney, I am all mouse ears!

Just for fun - if you run across this and are looking things up for GPS and Walt Disney world, check out Patty's website. Disney Benchmarks. I hope I can find some new ones - that would be a thrill. But alas, I will settle for just finding some that are noted there on her page.

Have a good week everyone.


Duck Hunter said...

Never tried that software. Sounds like it will work out for you. Have a great time. I never looked, is there any geocaches on Disney property?

Joe said...

I am considering purchasing the Stonemaps Park Hopper as well. Can give us your review?

"The Rake" said...

Joe - I was not impressed. Sure, it's all in there. But, i used it very little.

phildoncaster said...

Great Post I found it very informative, keep up the good work. I might try it myself I'm going over in a couple of weeks.
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