Friday, July 20, 2007

WDW Trip Report - Day 1

Trip Summary: 7 days - 6 nights inside the Walt Disney World complex at the Wilderness Lodge. 4 day pass hopper. Family Meal Plan.

My wife and daughter were the two that were awake and ready to go early Saturday morning. For once, I wasn’t pushing everyone to hurry up and get ready. Over the years I have come to appreciate a 4:00PM check in. Many times I have been stuck in a vacation town not able to check into my room. I didn’t want to get to Walt Disney World too early and have to wait on a room.

Our trip started around 6:30AM. It was about 7AM when we passed the airport on the south side of Atlanta. We looked as if we were moving. We had many bags, hang-ups and groceries.

We were making good time and pulled into Perry, Ga. Somewhere around 8:30. Our standard road stop - Cracker Barrel. It was very good. I had the Biscuits and Gravy, my wife had a breakfast platter and Little One had a pancake with no butter. We all enjoyed it and were soon back on the road.

I was in the middle row of seats in the van, Little One was in the back row and the wife was driving. I took the opportunity to take a quick nap. I was doing a good job at it until Little One was kicking me and asking me a question. Oh well, we were near the Georgia Florida state line and I wanted my wife to fill the van up with gas before crossing the line. We did and I took over the driving.

I was only asleep for a little bit. I am not sure how fast my wife drove but if the upper right number is the "max speed" generated by the GPS. She has a lot of explaining to do. I only hope it is a mistake!!!

We arrived at the Wilderness Lodge a little after 3PM. We checked our bags at the curb and as my wife and daughter went to check us in, I parked the van. They were ready when I returned to the lodge. After waiting for the bell hop to bring up our bags, we went on a tour of the lodge. Here are a few pictures of what greeted us:

Our Room

A bubbling water spring inside the lobby.

Everything in large proportions.
Entry doors to the lodge.

Silver Springs-outside the lodge.
That's a real rabbit in the grass near their feet.

Another one of silver springs.

The Pool.

The Meal Plan. 1 counter meal - a quick service (fast food). We used it for mainly breakfast. 1 Snack - That’s a drink or popcorn or bagel, etc. 1 table meal - that’s a sit down full service table meal. (Appetizer, meal and dessert).

Dinner: Oh my goodness. If you stay in the park, GET THE MEAL PLAN. We paid $39 per adult (2) and $11 per child (1) for each night we were staying. I am not kidding - we eat the $89 per day in just dinner alone.

Our first nights reservation was at the Whispering Canyon Café at the Wilderness Lodge. This is an interesting restaurant. It is loud. It is moving. However, they feed you a cowpokes portion. For the appetizer: I had the Chicken Wings, my wife had the Chips and salsa/cheese dip and Little one got a bowl of watermelon.

For the main course, I ordered the ribs, mashed potatoes and green beans. My wife had the Chicken pasta and Little One ordered the cheeseburger and fries. Little One and I both ordered unlimited refill milkshakes while my wife had a coca-cola. Wow - that was a lot of food. The ribs were the dry spice kind with side order of B-B-Q sauce. I could only eat one rack. I hope someone in the kitchen got to eat the other - It would have been a shame to waste the second slab.

Oh yeah, if you ask for ketchup - you'll get it.
Every table will bring you their bottle!

Our waitress was really nice.
Thanks Allison!

I was so full that I didn’t order a dessert. Little One was too full also. My wife had saved a little room and ordered the Carmel Apple pie. That meal alone cost $83.

We ended the night at the pool. The pool has a slide. Little One loved it and even mom and dad got to enjoy it. Wwwwwweeeeeeee.

Stay tuned to day two where we travel to MGM.


Duck Hunter said...

that looks like a super trip. Your pictures are making me think more about booking MY trip there. The ketchup shot is funny.

Anonymous said...


again, why exactly can you not adopt me? lol.

2xA+r0n said...

Not everything in that photo was large in proportion! :P