Sunday, July 22, 2007

WDW Trip Report - Day 3

Our third day in Walt Disney World was spent pretty much all over the place. We started with a great meal at the Roaring Fork. I filled up on Eggs, Bacon, Potatoes, Biscuit with milk and orange juice. My wife stuffed her pie hole with Bacon and pancakes while Little One got her gauge filled with Frosted flakes and milk.

Our plan started us on a path to the Animal kingdom. We were there a little later than we really wanted to be. It was around 10AM and we headed straight for the Safari. I was able to take quiet a few photos of the animals. Some of the photos turned out blurry due to the bumpiness of the ride.

Little One just after we board the safari jeep.

A gator wanting a bite of this big DAWG.

As we were leaving the safari area, we actual won something.
Being the "Year of a million dreams" slogan from Disney, they are giving away something like a million and a half dreams. We won a "fast pass" for all the rides in Animal Kingdom that day. Yippie!

That was all I needed to know - I headed straight for the roller coasters.
I was first able to ride Expedition Everest. - AWESOME!!

After that we headed over to another section of the Animal Kingdom where I rode another ride (primeval whirl).

Then I used my pass for Dinosaur. Don't ride this with small children. I am not sure what is with Disney lately. All they want to do is scary you. This ride will definitely scare younger children. It was fun for me. Although, it was a bit jerky for my back.

After I rode that one, we headed over to "it's tough to be a bug".
That's still a great 4-D show. I love it. Even more when I have
easy fast pass tickets.

After all the fun I was having, Little One was ready to go back to the lodge and go swimming. We gave the rest of our fast passes to some family and got back on the bus to the Wilderness lodge.

We were surprised when we arrived back at our room. We were greeting by some additional guest left by housekeeping.

We played all afternoon at the pool.

Little One and the wife must have got camera happy - I had a few surprise photos upon downloading.

We had gotten her pooh bear the day before at Downtown Disney.

After wrapping up the pool time and getting cleaned up, we were ready to try out the concourse steak house at the contemporary hotel. Since the Contemporary Hotel is next to the lodge, we were able to take a small boat ride across bay lake over to it. It was a nice touch to our day.

Little One being her normal goofy self.

Our bill this time added up to a whopping $110. Thanks to the Disney Meal plan it and the tip was included. Sweet.

Appetizer: Me=Sesame Chicken Wings, Wife=Onion Rings, Little One=Chicken Soup.

Main Course: Me=Filet Mignon over mashes potatoes, Wife=sirloin with baked potato, Little One=Pizza.

Dessert:Me=Butter Finger Cheesecake, Wife=Carrot Cake, Little One=Ice cream with various toppings on the side.

After our meal we headed over to the Magic Kingdom for the parade and fireworks. Going there we took our third type of transportation of the day - The monorail. We had started our day on a bus to the Animal Kingdom, a boat ride to dinner and then the monorail over to Magic Kingdom. A pretty neat trifecta.

Pictures from Magic Kingdom.
I didn't think to waymark this statue.

Little One tuckered out after the parade and before the fireworks.

Time for a good night sleep - that was a long long day.


2xA+r0n said...

We had a fun time in Animal Kingdom, too. The Bug's Life? 3D show was great. There were a lot of unexpected... "events" during that show. Everest absolutely kicked some tail, didn't it? I told you so.

Anonymous said...

Oh how wonderful! The trip sounds completely magical! I'm SO glad you're having fun. We went a couple of years ago and the kids will NEVER forget it. I'm so happy for you guys!

Anonymous said...

Poppa Charles,

Glade to see you enjoying it. When your mother and I took you, you were ready to go after one hour.