Tuesday, July 24, 2007

WDW Trip Report - Day 4

Okay our fourth day inside the walls of Disney World and I make my first real boo-boo. I a 36 year old man was so enjoying my time at Disney, did not review our pre-planned daily events the night before. Our family got up and hurried to get ready for our day. It wasn't until we were about to head out the door that my wife looked at the sheet. What she discovered was that this was supposed to be a day off for us. You know - a kind of sleep in day. She had been so looking forward to a day she could relax and sleep in. It was spoiled.

Luckily she and my daughter agreed that we should go ahead and visit a park. Since our scheduled showed Magic Kingdom the next morning, we choose to swap days. We would sleep in tomorrow. We headed for breakfast all clear with our updated schedule. Unfortunately, this was the early park open day for Magic Kingdom. It was already 9:00AM. It would be packed. I didn't mention this to my co-parts.

On the way to the dock from breakfast, my daughter decided she wanted to start in the tradition of pin trading. For those who don't know, many cast members at Disney have lanyards with Disney pins on them. You can trade pins with them or other people. So, we purchased Little One a lanyard with 6 different pins of her choosing. She was happy, I was happy and the wife was skeptical. Off we went. She did a good job of trading over the next few days and ended up with some cool pins.

After another delicious breakfast at the Roaring Fork cafe we decided to take the boat over to Magic Kingdom. It was a pleasant ride over. As we pulled up to the dock in front of the gates we were amazed at the floods of people pouring into the park. By now it was 10AM and already nearing 90 degrees!

We found what I expected inside the gates - crowds and crowds of people. We made our way back to the far side of the park. This is adventure land I think. It has the attractions: It's a Small World, Winnie the Pooh, Dumbo and the carousel. All these are right up Little One favorite rides/areas. We rode a few rides and sweat was dripping off me just standing in the shade.

By this time, Little One was tired of the camera and I had to resort to action shots.

It was HOT. Little One wasn't feeling well complaining of stomach pains. We decided to head back to the lodge for a restful afternoon. Even some more time at the pool.

After a few playful hours at the pool, we all headed in and got ready for dinner.

This evening was planned to be at Epcot for both the dinner and the fireworks/show. We had reservations at San Angel inside Mexico Pyramid at Epcot. We were running it close to getting there on time. We cruised into the restaurant about 5 minutes before our reservations. I was a little antsy to see a long line in front of hostess stand. We were soon handed a beeper and walked around the shopping area. I liked the piggy bank painted as a strawberry. However, since Little One already has a piggy bank that was a no sale.

A nice restaurant with exception of that you are eating in almost complete darkness. The back wall of the place is painted with a pyramid and a volcano. Nice ambiance. The tables were a little cramped together. Our waiter was really nice. I could barely see him. However, from what I could tell he was in his 50's , short and of Mexican decent. I think he had a mustache. Even if I couldn't see him, I could have probably guessed his heritage. I made the comment to Little One and my wife that I think he is speaking English. However, it still sounds like Spanish.

The golden rule of satisfying me as a customer was broken - my glass going empty and making a slurping sound. But wait! Don blame our waiter yet. As we were sitting down, a group of 15 were being seated next to us. That was his table also. I watched as this family from grandchild to parent to grandparents took FOREVER to make their drink orders. Each time our waiter visited that table he was there forever for them to make their selections. So, I forgave him and blamed Mickey Mouse. Not to mention the place was packed. I had witnessed the Hostess turn people away with no reservations. I thought this a much better tactic than I had witnessed previous nights when customers were told it would be an hour and half wait. Just tell them you are all booked up and send them on their way.

For Appetizer: I had the nachos while my wife had the Snope Tradicional (Grilled Chicken burrito)

For the main course: My wife and I both ordered the Plato Mexicano (Beef tenderloin Tampiquena, chicken enchilada, and beef Flauta served with sour cream, black refried beans and mexican rice) and Little One chose chicken Fingers and Fries. That seems to be the staple in Mousetown for kids menu Chicken Fingers and fries. San Angel were the best of all Mousetown. (P.S. Don let your child get the pizza from the Concourse Steak house icky).

For dessert: I had the cappuccino (not good to me it was very strong like it was made with espresso). My wife had the Flan de Vanilla (vanilla Custard in syrup with roasted almonds) and Little One had vanilla bean ice cream. I ended up eating/consuming all three. Little One didn't want hers. My wife didn't like the texture of hers. My wife is one of only a few people who (no matter what the taste is) cannot eat certain types of textures. That pudding is one of those that my wife cannot eat. I thought it was excellent the taste and the texture. Of course the ice cream was awesome vanilla bean is my favorite.

I waddled out of the restaurant and out into the hot evening only Disney World is known for. We were staying for the laser and fireworks show that evening at Epcot. So, I waddled as the rest of my family walked around to some of the other places in Epcot.

We made stops in China, Japan & France. The China show is awesome. It a 360 degree overhead video of a tour of China. I love the Asian area. The sights to see, the food and the people make it a very interesting place. Give me lots of money and I will go.

Japan was the next stop. For some of my readers that may not know, I have worked for a Japanese company for almost 15 years. I have been introduced to many aspects of their culture. Yes, even sushi. I like some and dislike others. While we were touring the Japanese shop, I tried to get my wife to purchase one of their beautiful silk blouses. She didn't . She did pick up a pair of flip flops and after trying them on stated 'these are the most comfortable flip flops I have ever felt'. I looked at the price tag and I said 'for $65 dollars, they ought to feel good". She quickly placed them back on the shelf. Outside the Japanese shop, we purchased Little One a tangerine snow cone. I was very happy that she handed it to me after only eating about half of it. It was delightful.

A short stop at the French building and Little One and her mom was squirted with ol de toilet or something by some bottle toting French guy smiling like someone was tickling his bottom side. Outside, I determined it to be a nice smelling perfume and we continued on our walk.

We stopped on the nearby bridge to settle into our spot for the show. We enjoyed the show over the water and quickly made our way to the exit as the show was nearing the end. Unfortunately, we had stopped on the far side of the park and it took us nearly 20 minutes to reach the gate. We found our bus stop and waited only a short time before one pulled up to carry us back to the soft pillows awaiting us back at the lodge.

A near mess up turns out to be a pretty good day. Good night Mickey and Donald.


Duck Hunter said...

A few thoughts here. Your vacation reminds me of people that come back from a cruise. Talking about all the food. It looks good.

I like your action shot. Funny.

Also, I can't believe your meal ticket didn't pay for those $65 shoes.

Next time we get ready to head off to Disney, I'm re-reading your entire week of blogs.

2xA+r0n said...

I hope you had better luck with the busses than we did while we were there. Some of them took for-damn-ever to arrive. :(

Should have stopped in Germany. I hear they've got good weeeners.

Anonymous said...

Again, another splendid sounding day! The photos are great! My uncle was the manager of "Mexico" a couple of years back. He loved it. I liked Norway too (the boats). I love flan too! It's actually really easy to make. But, it seems you'd be eating it all alone so I won't give you the recipe! Keep having fun and stay safe. And don't forget to SLEEP IN! Heh Heh.

butterflygirl said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. This is so good...we were planning a trip in October, however my father is sick, so we have to postpone it. Enjoy your time!!!

CarmenSinCity said...

You have a such a good looking family!!!!!!!

Disneyworld is the best. Sometimes action shots are the best right?

One Scrappy Gal said...

I've really enjoyed reading about your vacation!!

Do you mind if I link to you on my blog? Would make it easier to find you again in the future. :)