Thursday, August 23, 2007

Across the street, Vacation and Radio

An appropriate title to the things that are on my mind.

The house across the street is coming along quickly. Less than a month ago, they poured the concrete foundation. Today the roof is complete. Here see:

Fall vacation plans are stitched up and deposits made. I will be taking the family to Dillsboro, North Carolina. We will be staying at the picturesque Dillsoro Inn. This quaint inn sits along the Tuckasegee River. We will be treated to breakfast in our room. Our room will open up to a private porch overlooking the river.

While relaxing in the North Carolina mountains, we will be spending a day aboard the Smokey Mountain Railroad.

We will spend one afternoon aboard the Smokey Mountain Rail riding from Dillsboro to Bryson City, North Carolina - 1 hour layover - and back to Dillsboro. While in Bryson City, we will visit the Smokey Mountain train museum. Our trip on the rails will include an upgrade to the Crown Coach rail car. We will sit in luxury all the while watching the beautiful Smoky Mountain's roll on by.

Also in our trip, we hope to visit the Cherokee nation. Cherokee, North Carolina. There we will be enthralled in the "Unto these hills... A Retelling" outdoor drama. I am sure we will come back with plenty of great crafts.

Radio. I listen to an array of different music. My taste for radio varies like the wind. My mood, while riding in my SUV, can be full throttle to easy going. I have found my home for morning radio. It is the Rick and Bubba show. I hear it from a rural radio station out of Hogansville, GA. Magic 98.1

These guys are right up my alley. My age. My general views and funny as crap. They have a solid show filled with many laughs on my 20 minute commute. They are Christian men who can cut up and have a great time while putting on a radio show. Look them up at their website and see if they are on in your area - or listen to them via the Internet from one of their affiliates. You gotta check these guys out. Atlanta Radio has nothing on these Alabama boys!

I hope everyone is having a good week. Have a wonderful weekend. My wife has asked me out on a date tomorrow night. She isn't telling me where we are going. Only that I should dress comfortable. Be sure to guess where we are going. If you get it right, I will send you a prize.


Duck Hunter said...

I don't know where you might be going, but now you got me interested with a "prize".

Sounds like you planned a great vacation.

One Scrappy Gal said...


have fun on your romantic date!!

I'm guessing dinner and a movie. :)

Abigail Katherine said...

About the big trip (#2).....

Uhhh.... What was it you said you did for a living? I want that job. It's all cool trips, all the time for you guys. It sounds super fun!

Have a wicked fun time on your date!

Anonymous said...

i think it's wonderful that y'all go on so many family vacations. that's what life's about. i only ever went on one growing up, to disney when i was 13, but i never forgot it. family time is very important.

"The Rake" said...

I made a decision when I started working that I was not just working to live. I was working in order to enjoy life. I like to travel. My wife could do without it. I drag her along sometimes. I think you have to set time away from the norm. Enjoy life. God made an entire creation for us. Get out and enjoy it, live it, love it.

AaroN said...

Be sure to stop in Dillard and eat at the Dillard House! Good stuff, good stuff. (Check my blog for a photo whenever I'm unlazy and post it.)

There are some nice Geocaches in the area, but you prolly won't want to go too much out of your way with the family in tow. :(