Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Comments Wanted

Okay - now that summer vacation is in the books, it is time to start planning and booking fall vacation.

Come on commenters. Get busy and tell me where to go!

In general, the plan should be somewhere along the eastern united states in a mountainous environment.

The previous fall vacations were to Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge. Due to just too many people now ascend onto that place in the fall, I am in need of a new fall home.

I have done a little research on places like: Brevard, N.C., Snowshoe W.V. and Dahlonega, GA. The events should center around peaceful events like Fall Festivals, BBQ gatherings or large Art shows.

I dropped a hint to Duckie at Duck notes to let me know when a good festival is planned. He seems to always get some good photos of local festivals around his area. Maybe he will comment????

The place should be within 6 hours of driving from Atlanta, GA.

Do you have a place that has impressed you in the past? Ashville?, Charlotte? Chattanooga? Kentucky?
Let me know - I have only been back to work a week and I am in need of a long weekend vacation. Or at least the promise of one on the horizon.

Please Help!


AaroN said...


They're usually on the same weekend and within a half hour of each other. You can get a two-fer on the same trip! ;)

Duck Hunter said...

There are a lot of places in Western North Carolina. I've been doing some reading myself for a weekend trip.

We have visited Brevard many times. Not really much as a town. LOTS of hiking and waterfalls. I believe there is a place to go tubing near there as well.

I've heard good things about Grandfather Mountain in NC, but haven't been there.

I liked Chimney Rock Park. Near Asheville. I haven't been to Ashville, but it's on my list. There is the Biltmore house near there. Heard it's good, but may not be for young ones.

Depending on the water level, Helen, Ga is fun to go tubing and get some chocolate.

What about Stone Mountain, Ga? We have had many camping trips there and really had a good time.

Those are a few ideas from me. Feel free to e-mail me if you want more info or to discuss it.

butterflygirl said...

I wish I could help, however I never go on vacation.

One Scrappy Gal said...

Are you too far from St. Marys, GA/Cumberland Island?

"The Rake" said...

Thanks for all the great ideas.

Aaron - I wished those festivals were around October the 8th when Little One is out of school.