Saturday, September 01, 2007

Friday night lights

I didn't get to go to a high school football game last night. Instead, Little One invited a friend out to dinner with us and a bowling game or two.

We had a blast. We ate at Ce Ce's pizza. They girls got their faces painted. I stuffed myself with salad, pizza, cheese bread. When I say stuffed - I mean it. I didn't even get me any dessert pizza nor Cinnamon rolls. That's how stuffed I was. Here is a photo of them with their faces painted.

After dinner, we drove to the local bowling center. The lights were jumping and the beat was a rocking. The last time we went bowling my wife broke a fingernail. This time she didn't want to bowl. So, the three of us were up for 2 games each. I almost let these 2 6 year olds beat me. I manage to pull out a win in both games. The best part was that Little One came in second once and her friend came in second once.

She's picked up my bad habit of flashing the peace sign.

There was one scary moment while we were eating. The evening thunderstorms blew into the area as we sat there. Out of nowhere this huge lighting bolt strikes close. The power goes out and my wife and I see the elderly man fall to the road in the parking lot. Another patron and myself quickly make our way out to the man and his wife. We arrive and he is still on the ground laying on his back. He is trying to get up. The other customer tells him he should just lay there a moment and asked if he is okay. They guy replies he thinks so and asked to be helped up. We assist him in getting back to his feet. He collects himself and he is okay and we all begin to walk back to the sidewalk. Whew. Lots of people thought he was struck by lightening. Me included.

As you can see, these kids are awesome bowlers. Little One broke 100 both her games. I was very proud of her. We had a blast. I don't think my wife and Little One's friends father liked me too well after I purchased the kids a slushy on the way home from the bowling center at 9:30PM. Hey - It was fun!

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday. Stay safe.


butterflygirl said...

I can't break 100! Enjoy your weekend.

Duck Hunter said...

Looks like you got a little hippie in your family.

Also- Scrappy gal had to password her blog. E-mail me (link on my blog) and I can get you in contact with her. She wants to grant you access.

AaroN said...

Holy smokes, dude! You almost got whipped by a couple of girls. :P Were they playing with bumpers?

In unrelated news, I bowled on Thursday night for the first time in years and scored a 158. Talking about being struck by lightning...

One Scrappy Gal said...

Oh my gosh! They bowl better than I do!! I think all I've ever gotten was like... a 24? We'll see how I do with the bumpers on!!