Sunday, September 09, 2007

Hello, from the back side of another weekend.

Here we sit at the tail end of yet another weekend. My beautiful wife is in the kitchen cooking us some Sunday chicken. Little One is off doing her thing somewhere in the house. She comes by every few moments whining about wanting to go to the pool. Maybe we can go after lunch. It is a beautiful day today and pretty dog-gone warm!

So, here dad sits hammering out another blog for the world (or family and few friends). I was teasing the family on the way home form church today that we are going to have so much fun on our getaway to the mountains. I still haven't told them where we are going. My wife would know if she ever read my blog. But, that doesn't hardly ever happen.

Saturday night. We did go see friends and had a wonderful time with them and their baby. Cloe is 8 months old and has the biggest and brightest eyes. We arrived late afternoon. Cloe's dad had not yet returned from his hunting camp cleaning day. He arrived later. As my wife and child played with Cloe in the floor, I watched Oregon whoop up on Michigan. I couldn't be happier. There are some schools that carry an arrogance about them - they no humility. Well, Michigan is learning some humility these days. Next up - Southern California. I watches the whole game. It was awesome. Dixon is a real threat. He has some talent around him. We will see how far the ducks can go this year.

I was embarrassed by the bulldogs play. I am really re-thinking this Bobo calling the plays thing that Coach Richt established this year. Bobo wasn't all that great of a quarterback while playing at Georgia. I don't think he can handle the pressures of the SEC competition. Good game South Carolina. You played well on defense.

The dinner was a success. We had Bacon, Sausage, eggs, biscuits, gravy and hash browns. That is a good meal. After dinner, Little One and I headed across the street to a small park. There was a geocache over there I wanted to try. However, it was getting dark and showed over 400 feet from the trail. We skipped it and headed over to the play ground.

I will leave you with a few pictures of the family with Cloe. Have a great week.

Little One with Cloe:

Cloe and her mom:

My amazing wife:

Me smiling at the camera:

Cloe and her dad:

Little One being all crazy with a scoobie doo mask:

Little One stiking a pose:

Little One showing off her flipping skills:


butterflygirl said...

What great pictures-thanks for sharing!

One Scrappy Gal said...

You do know that your little one is going to be quite the heartbreaker when she grows up right? Just warning you...

I love eating breakfast for dinner!! I can never get the hashbrowns just right though.

AaroN said...

The 1st caption should have been, "Little one strangles Cloe." ;)

Anonymous said...

beautiful family, beautiful pics.

still waiting to be adopted.