Friday, January 20, 2012

The Planning Begins

I have sketched out about 15 day trip to Europe.
The trip moves me through both Western and Eastern Europe via Eurail.

I did find this photo of Lauterbrunnen Valley, Switzerland.


Starts in Paris for a couple of days. (Maybe Plug In Hostel)

Moves over to Lauterbrunnen Valley, Switzerland for a few days in the mountains. (maybe Valley Hostel)

Next is to travel south to Venice. (looking at hostels: Venice Fish or Venice Museum)

North is the next direction all the way to Amsterdam. (Hostel: Durty Nellys or Flying Pig Downtown)

After a few days in Amsterdam the plan is to travel to Prague in the Czech Republic. (Hostels: Old Prague Hostel or Hostel Elf are on the list)

Leaving Prague moving on to Budapest, Hungary. (Hostels:Big Fish or Downtown Oasis)

Moving back east to Cinque Terre, Italy. (Hostels: Le Sirene or AltraVista Culturale)

Ending the trip in Rome, Italy. (Hostels: Eurorooms or Funny Place hostel)

Please comment if you have suggestions or advise. This is subject to all kind of changes based on my preference.

Do tell of your European travels. Point me to interesting sites. Useful sites.
Teach me to read a Eurail train schedule.

Looking forward to European Culture.

Oh by the way, I received a preliminary ok today from Boss. (yeah!)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Backpacking Europe - 2012

I have the okay from the wife.
Next up - scheduling and get approval from work (should be okay).

Since this will be a solo trip, I am leaning towards making this an Eastern Europe trip. I find the culture and places of Eastern Europe more attractive than those of Western Europe. Also, it leaves the newness of going to Western Europe if the wife and daughter ever want to go.

I have long desired to visit Prague. That is a definite on my list. Combine that with limited time - tells me I need to stick to Eastern Europe.

My first pass at a possible route with more cities/places than I can visit is:

Stockholm, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Zuric, Bratislave, Belgrade, Budapest, Venice, Rome. I would need 30+ days to slowly enjoy those places. I will probably be limited to 16 days. So, that list will probably be limit in a big way.

I need suggestions people......

Good Hostels (clean)
Excellent small pubs/diners
local spots that shows off the areas culture

Soon.... Rakethetable will leave the continent.