Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Time to cut - too much to see in Europe

The truth is out there.

I have found that I too must search and find the truth. I found the truth that I didn't have several years to spend travelling around Europe. Thus, I couldn't see all the great places that danced in my head.

Budapest would have been great. London is worth a whole visit itself.
Ireland would absolutely be a joy. Slovakia would be quiet interesting.
Sweden could show me all of its beauty. on and on....

The places are identified. The major attractions marked.
The general travel between have been sketched out.

I was a bummed that so many great places couldn't make the list.

The list was slimmed down to only four locations.

Land in Paris. Spend 3 days around Paris.
Travel to Interlaken - three days in Beautiful Switzerland.
A full travel day to Prague. 3 great days in a wonderful city.
Another full travel day - reaching Amsterdam. 3 days in Amsterdam.
A plane ride home will end my 2 week swift journey

That's the plan. Time to get documents in order.
Reservations on the books. Then only time will stand in between me and the journey.

Rake has entered a dream.