Monday, April 09, 2012

#eurotrip - 6 Weeks out

Time is crawling.

6 weeks is suppose to be the sweet spot for booking air travel.
Tuesday is suppose to be the sweet spot day for booking air travel.

Tomorrow is that sweet spot. We will see.

The airline ticket is the last puzzle piece to be acquired.

I have mentally prepared. I have scheduled & reviewed.

Paris will be the landing spot. As I have reviewed the process, I figure I will be in Paris about almost 2 hours before I see anything outside of a building or train.

However, when I do - it is on after that.

You see - they tell you not to plan too much - not to schedule too much.
I am sorry - that's just me. I have lots to do and see. I don't have time to figure out how to travel around Paris while I am in Paris. I have studied the maps.

The best Paris website: Paris by Train
Take a few moments and name the sites you want to visit. Spend the rest of the time on how to get to those sites from every angle.

Paris will rush by me in a flash.

TGV & Night train - Reservations - the only crack in my plan. I can't reserve until I get to Europe. Not happy - but hey - it will be loose ends that will make it feel gutsy.
The best train schedule website: Bahn

Interlaken - Scheduled fun. Hiking / Shopping / ATV rides
How else would you enjoy the Swiss Alps?

Websites: Daniel's fun rentals


Prague - Architecture history on steroids.
Romanesque - Gothic - Baroque - WOW!

I hope I don't trip in Prague due to constantly looking up at all the great Architecture.

Booked a tour through and around Prague Castle with Markete.

Art Gallery central.
Van Gogh
any man who cuts off his ear for a woman has my interest. :-)

His use of light (or lack of use) draws me in. What's he hiding?

Rake is thinking of leaving the country